About us

HUNITY DEFENCE is a cyber security consortium which was founded by four Hungarian IT security solution provider and consultancy companies to offer an advanced, comprehensive and customizable technology and service pack against the cyber threats of today.

The consortium focuses primarily on the government sector, to which it offers complex consultancy, quality assurance and system integration services from the basics of network security infrastructure to APT detection and malware analysis.

Members of the consortium have more than 15 years of experience and strong competence in the market of national security and public administration, and all of them have security clearance on the government level. In addition to the government sector, the members of the consortium have global references from the financial, telecommunication, public utilities, healthcare and other sectors.

Our members


Carinex Ltd. is in charge of managing comprehensive activities of HUNITY DEFENCE Consortium as Project Manager. All queries addressed to the Consortium are channeled through Carinex Ltd. and its registered seat as indicated under Contact.
As a well-established actor in the security and defence industry, Carinex Ltd. (est. 1993 in Hungary) offers an extensive range of products and services including problem evaluation, solution recommendation, solution and system specification, system planning, integration and installation, supplying systems/equipment, training and maintenance in the following areas:

•Management of comprehensive cyber-security products and services.
•Satellite monitoring, GSM monitoring systems, lawful interception.
•COMINT and Direction Finding (DF) systems.
•TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures).
•Perimeter security (complex border and facility protection solutions for various industries)
•Custom-made ground control stations for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Our established connections to a series of internationally acknowledged manufacturers give us a wide scope in satisfying special requirements of our clients. The brand Carinex is boosted through references by military, police and other law enforcement organizations in various regions of the globe, such as Europe, Asia and Africa.


Balasys – headquatered in Budapest – is the leading provider of proxy based gateway technologies. Balasys provides unique products and 3rd party solutions as well which can help to protect customers against internal and external cyber threats and meet security and compliance regulations.

For more than a decade, they have been delivering technology tailored to customers with a strong network security focus, providing powerful solutions in the fields of machine to machine communication, perimeter defense, and cloud services.

• Firewalls, perimeter defense tools
• Malware detection
• API security solution
• Privileged activity monitoring tools
• Log management infrastructure
• User Behavior Analytics tools


Ukatemi Technologies is part of the CrySyS Group. It was founded in December 2012 by members of the CrySyS Lab, Budapest, with the mission of addressing the problems of targeted attacks in cyber space. Targeted attacks often use advanced methods, they aim at compromising high profile targets, they are stealthy and persistent, and therefore, difficult to detect and mitigate. We focus on providing customized threat intelligence reports and incident handling services, including malware analysis, to our clients. We provide personalized services that you may not receive elsewhere.

• Malware threat intelligence
• Agile Incident Response
• System Testing & Hardening

ITSec area

ITSec Area Ltd. is a privately owned domestically and internationally concerned IT and data security consultant company. The professionalism of our services is based on the fact, that we know both sides of the cyber activities. We acquired our knowledge on trainings of both the private economy sector and the NATO and the EU, which we apply in our everyday work.

For us data security monitoring does not only involve the IT area, but the physical and personal security too. If someone has already dealt with cyber activities, he might know, how diversified and complex this area is. From social engineering through forensic to vulnerability monitoring, we apply several testing and examination methods. By having decades of professional experience, our experts dispose of a really wide range of knowledge in this area and are able to use these even in extreme situations.